enrich the teaching method 豐富教育手段

enjoy equal rights 擁有平等的權利?

receive education 受教育機會

offer a chance of education 提供教育機會

give a big push to the development of education 極大地推動了教育

福彩快3face possible pressure and competition 滿足可能的壓力和競爭

develop our creative mind 培養我們的創造性思維

福彩快3embracing the Knowledge Economy Age 擁抱知識經濟時代

renew knowledge 創新知識

keep skills fresh and up-to-date 使技能與時俱進

widen one 's knowledge 擴展您的知識?

enrich one 's social and life experience 豐富了社會和生活經驗

enlarge one 's view 擴展您的知識?

broaden one 's horizons 擴展您的知識

realize the value of life 實現人生價值

福彩快3grasp good communication skills 掌握良好的溝通技巧

cultivate a strong sense of responsibility 培養了強烈的責任感

福彩快3promote social skills and competence 提高社會能力和競爭力

tap one 's potential 挖掘一個人的潛力


develop linguistic skills 發展語言技能

福彩快3cultivate logical thinking 培養邏輯思維

communicate with others directly, and freely 直接和自由地與他人交流

make astounding advances 突飛猛進

enrich the teaching and learning methods 豐富了教學方法


福彩快3break with old customs 放棄傳統

carry down from generation to generation 一代一代

satiate people “s psychological demands 滿足心理需求

arouse one 's curiosity about something 引起某人對某事的好奇心

福彩快3time is fleeting and art is long 時光飛逝,藝術是永恒的

preserve the cultural relics 文化遺產的保護

beautify our life 美化我們的生活

福彩快3attract people 's eyes 引起人們的注意

maintain the world peace 維護世界和平

cause irreversible damage 造成不可逆的損害?

remove prejudice and misunderstanding 消除偏見和誤解


福彩快3hit the headlines 標題

福彩快3issue 出版,發行

live in virtual would 生活在虛擬世界中

福彩快3meet different tastes 適合不同口味

福彩快3follow the fashion blindly 盲目追逐時尚

福彩快3be inconceivable to somebody 是.很難想象

endanger social stability and safety 危害社會穩定和安全

福彩快3revolutionize the way we acquire information 徹底改變了我們獲取信息的方式

福彩快3deprive somebody of one 's imagination and creativity 使.失去想象力和創造力

find its way into every family 進入千家萬戶

福彩快3embark on the criminal road 走上犯罪之路

create topics of discussion 創建對話主題

strengthen family ties 加強家庭聯系

be detached from reality 脫離現實

distinguish right from wrong 辨別是非

imitate 仿品

福彩快3stimulate one 's imagination and creativity 激發一個人的想象力和創造力

你和雅思的故事 - Go Hard or Go Home

發表于 2020-03-17



Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
福彩快3When a new town is planned, it is more important to develop public parks and sports facilities than shopping centers for people to spend their free time in.

How a new town should be planned is always a controversial topic. Some people argue that construction of public spaces such as parks and sports facilities should precede that of commercial area, but I disagree with this opinion. My reasons are as followed.

To begin with, city development should always prioritize economic development, and it is widely acknowledged that business facilities, such as shopping malls and commercial complexes , are much more advantageous to economic growth than sport centers or parks. The large number of small businesses in a commercial complex provide considerable job opportunities, allowing residents to live a secured and abundant life. Only when the economy is booming can the government have budget for a public sport center, and the residents be willing to spend their leisure time in the playground.

What is more, well-designed shopping centers are as multifunctional as parks. Parks, admittedly, are not only a place for citizens to loosen up or appreciate natural scenery, but also, for many cities, a cultural and social center. Nevertheless, malls are gradually taking over this cultural and social role. It has become increasingly common for events, which used to be held in parks or sport centers, to be hosted in shopping malls. Every year, for example, many department stores hold shows or competitions to celebrate Christmas and Chinese Spring Festival. In China, there are even regular arranged dating in shopping malls. As such commercial complexes bear both commercial and social significance, they have become an indispensable part of modern people 's daily life.

By and large, I am convinced that shopping centers should come before parks and stadiums , as business centers can effectively enhance economic performance of a town, and provide dwellers with diversified forms of entertainment. Civic planners, therefore, should design shopping centers with great foresight so that they can live up to the expectation of citizens and authorities.

_ Tips: 關鍵詞匯分析 _

_ precede vt. 。.出現較早 _

福彩快3_ prioritize vt. 優先級 _

_ commercial complex np. 商業綜合體 _

_ be advantageous to sth vp. 是。.好 _

福彩快3_ loosen up p.v. 放松 _

福彩快3_ take over (responsibility, role, etc.) p.v. 接管 (責任、角色) _

_ arranged dating n. 相親 _

_ stadium n. 體育場 _

_ civic adj. 市政 _

福彩快3_ foresight n. 視覺 _

_ live up to the expectation of sb vp. 滿足某人的期望 _

發表于 2020-03-17
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